WeAreStarfighters by Eurosat Serenity by Eurosat

Eurosat is a German based Trance Artist and DJ. He started with his project in 2013 and he released his first Single "Skyline" in 2016, followed by his second Single "The Second Chapter" in 2017 and in 2018, he released his third Single "Serenity".

All his music can be streamed or downloaded on all major portals. The latest releases are on this page.

"I started in 2013 with my music because I had an own idea of a new genre. After I developed some sounds, I found out, how to make this new genre special. The speciality of my music is the mastering. I found a way to make my tracks sounding more powerful without to increase the master volume. On this point, I would like to thank my buddy Benscho for supporting me all the time. Also I want to thank my buddy Oli for showing me this great possibility of bringing my ideas to an arrangement full of music."