Name Peter
Age 21
Born June 7 1997
Place of birth Dresden
Hometown Aachen
Project Eurosat startet in  2014
First single released on iTunes and Co.  May 2016 
Starfight Records founded  November 2015 



Since I’m 14, my hobby is music. DJing, performing, production. I read many magazines about music, at most, I read “Beat”, a german magazine.

Since 2014, I’m working on music production.

My music isn’t the best, but everyone starts small. Hope you’ll support me.”

I’m working with the Program FL Studio from Image Line. It’s the best all-in-one solution for me.

I hear trance music since I was 9 years old. 2 years later in 2008, I’ve start to make plans about creating music. I had taken my synthesizer and started to try many sounds from the internal sound bank.

Later, in 2010, I’ve tried out the demo version of FL Studio. It has inspired me to start my Project Eurosat.

I have improved my work hard to get better. I have released my first tracks on SoundCloud in 2013 I guess. Later, in 2014 I started with my music project “Eurosat”. Under this name, I’m releasing several tracks and music. Since 2016 my releases are signed on Starfight Records.

If you have any questions about Eurosat, you can contact the management on